Coup4 | Welcome to the Future of Television
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Welcome to the Future of Television

Digital revolution and new services built on the internet-platform have made life for the traditional media providers quite difficult. There has been a lot of discussion in Finland about platform-businesses. Especially one of its sectors that has received a lot of attention are MaaS-services (Mobility as a Service). The Finnish start-up company Maas Global Oy is a laudable forerunner in the growing industry.

MaaS provides a happy exception to the rule, where many experts worry that Finnish companies are lagging behind in the growing platform-business sector. Finland is one of the first countries that has built a roadmap about possibilities of platform-businesses ( and and a new joint-organisation has been initiated by the companies (

February 1st, 2018 is the launch day of Coup 4 Oy. Coup4 is a Finnish start-up company and platform services provider. It provides visual media and marketing platform as a service – or technically, television as a service.

Whether the company is big or small, they can build themselves a “web-TV” and approach their customers or partners using a live or a recorded TV broadcasts. Even individuals, such as YouTube-personalities, can build their service on the Coup4-platform. The channels can be permanent, or temporary “pop-up” channels that last only one event and a webstore can be integrated to go along with the channel.

Coup4 will do live broadcasts from their Eteläranta 4 studio (C4-Studios) and all over the world when required. The saved broadcasts can be turned into shorter or longer clips, or into whole series of shows, and then they can be shared on social media and on other websites. In addition, Coup4 and their customers will build a completely global internet-TV from the content made by the customers.

The broadcasts sent from the Eteläranta-studio can be for example interviews, roundtable conversations, or they can be training videos or online training. The recordings can be turned into clips required by the customers.

The live broadcast and recordings can be viewable for example in YouTube, Facebook, Coup4.TV or on the website of the customer or the event, or all of the above. The recordings meant for specific groups, such as company personnel, are only visible for the target audience. Live broadcasts can fully or partially pay-per-view.

Coup4 has no maximum capacity, as it takes advantage of the scalable cloud services. Only the newest camera technology is used in the production, which enables cost-effective live broadcasts from everywhere, as long at least 4G-network is available. More simultaneous broadcasts, such as recording different fields at a sporting event, would generally require at least a fiber-optic internet connection.

Coup4, as the name implies, comes from ‘coup’ for something – generally for something positive, such as internet-TV channels. There will be many of these channels coming up during the spring. Coup4 is looking to expand quickly to several countries during 2018.

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For additional information:

Jukka Viitasaari

Coup 4 Oy, Eteläranta 10
00130 Helsinki

Mobile: +358 40 823 5507

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