Coup4 | Live Stream
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We are the future of TV

Coup4 has created the most inspiring Way to run your own TV-Channel – permanent or pop-up. With us your Voice will be heard. We are the PaaS (Platform as a Service) Company using the latest World Class Live Streaming Technologies for your Service. No limits.
World Class Live Streaming Platforms

Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube.

Enjoy with no limits of time, place or device

Real time, indoor or outdoors, with mobile phone, tablet, pc and tv.

Flexible collaboration model

Win-win collaboration model with our Partners.

Feel the heartbeat of live entertainment

Live broadcast immortalize your unforgettable moments.

Get what you pay for

Agile and cost effective way of emerging exciting topics and connecting people.

Average watching time (min)
Amount of live viewers (%)
Viewers from different countries (number of countries)
Total minutes viewed

Statistics 2018 (Livestream)

Live Studio in the heart of Helsinki

Fully equipped, instantly ready Live Studio facility with excellent location

Step on without stressful preliminaries and let us take care of the show. Whether it be interview, panel discussion, training session, debate, speech, etc. we will stream your message live and unaltered straight to the audience.

Step into the Live Studio and step out with the tailor made tubecording. Could not be easier!